Alex Creamer - Steroplast Healthcare Ltd
Head of Business Development at Steroplast Healthcare Limited

Steroplast Healthcare have had a long standing business relationship with Eamonn O'Keefe and Sports Care Medical Ltd.
Eamonn is an expert in his field with a vast knowledge of sports injuries and products that combat those injuries.
If you require an excellent and personable service, I highly recommend you contact Eamonn. Sports Care Medical are an Approved Steroplast Healthcare Distributor.

James O'Toole Clinical Director Sportsmed West Galway

I have dealt with Eamonn O Keeffe @ Sports Care Medical since 1991 on my arrival back from Boston having qualified as a Sports Injury Specialist. I worked in UCD setting up a fully kitted Sports Injury clinic/ Rehab rooms and Eamonn became my supplier for all my needs. I worked part time in UCG as well and left U C D to work in UCG which became N U I G in 1999. Eamonn continued to supply me and was always punctual, professional and courteous in all his dealings with my company, Sportsmed West. To this day Eamonn supplies me & my company with all our needs, bandages , machines etc. with the same smile and professional manner.
I was used to professional care in Northeastern University in Boston and Harvard and this same professionalism continues with Sports Care Medical / Eamonn O Keeffe. At short notice this week Eamonn send me on items needed for GMIT within 24 hours!

Sports Care Medical Ltd.
County Longford,
P: +353 (0) 43 33 23 059