Sports Care Medical Profile

Sports Care Medical was established January 1988 by Eamonn O'Keeffe.

Eamonn used his background as an International athlete, and his medical and anatomical knowledge from working in the pharmaceutical industry to quickly establish Sports Care Medical as a leader in providing products for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries to Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Professionals and individuals and pharmacists at national, provincial, county and local level.
Eamonn was a Leinster Junior Rugby Cup medallist in 1965 with Blackrock College, Leinster and All Ireland Schools Champion and record holder for 440 yards in 1967, being the first Irish Schoolboy to break 50 seconds for 440 yards. This was on the grass track of Iveagh Grounds. He was All Ireland Youth's 440 yards and 880 yards Champion in 1966 and All Ireland Junior 440 yards Champion in 1967 and 1968. He represented Ireland at the Catholic Student Games, European cup, Pre-Olympic International competitions and was Olympic panelist, but due to injury did not compete.
In 1968 Eamonn won a full Athletic Scholarship to the University of Florida where he excelled at 880 and 1000 yards establishing numerous University of Florida records. He was South Eastern Conference 880 yard champion at both the indoor and outdoor SEC Championships in 1970; SEC Indoor Mile Champion 1972. He was awarded All American honours for Track & Field in 1970 & 1972. One of Eamonn's most cherished memories was a night in February 1971 at the Houston Astrodome, when he anchored the Univ. of Florida 2 mile relay team to break the existing two mile relay world record, recording an individual time of 1 min 49.6 sec, also inside the existing indoor world record for 880 yards. The sting in the tail however was that in spite of his efforts he could not reel in the Univ. of Wisconsin anchored by Mark Winzenried, the 1000yard indoor world record holder, who set the new world record.
On graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration on St. Patrick's Day March 1973, Eamonn received recognition from the University of Florida Alumni Association for his contribution to the University by being awarded the Outstanding Athlete of his graduation class. In 2005 he was inducted into the State of Florida Track & Field Hall of Fame. During his time at Florida Eamonn met and became close friends with Dr. Robert (Bob) Cade the inventor of Gatorade which Sports Care Medical now supplies in powder form. Gatorade, called after the Florida Gators (Alligators), was the original isotonic Sports Drink and quickly established itself as the number one sports drink in the world. It is regarded by many as the standard by which all other sports drinks are judged.
Before they set out on their attempt to scale Mount Everest the 8 man team, led by Dawson Stelfox, approached Eamonn to sponsor them with Gatorade for their climb. Not understanding their need for an Isotonic drink which is normally associated with hot and humid weather and the loss of fluid and essential electrolytes through sweating, Eamonn inquired as to why they needed Gatorade at sub zero temperatures. He was told that at high altitude, even at greatly below sub zero temperatures, a body could loose vital body fluids and essential electrolytes through their breathing. They had done their research and concluded that the best product for them to prevent dehydration, loss of Potassium Sodium and Magnesium and provide energy for muscle fuel on their climb was Gatorade. They related later that they used to melt snow in a pan and mix it with the Gatorade powder. On the 27th May, 1993 Dawson Stelfox became the first Irish person to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. After Graduation Eamonn worked for his former coach Jimmy Carnes as Manager of Athletic Attic Incorporated.
On returning to Ireland Eamonn Worked for Ciba Geigy Pharmaceuticals as a GP rep eventually being promoted to Teaching Hospital rep.
During that time he founded Celbridge Athletic Club and coached 3 All Ireland youth Champions. Eamonn uses his vast sporting, medical, pharmaceutical and sales background knowledge to help and advise all who contact him, on the most appropriate products which Sports Care Medical supply, for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. He is available to help all who wish to contact him by e-mail or phone.
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